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Jeff Visner


Jeff Visner has been involved with quality properties for over 30 years as an Architectural Designer, Builder and Real Estate Broker. Understanding a property in its present condition, having a realistic perception of its value and understanding its potential is what Jeff brings to the table. He credits his business's success to his passion for design, knowledge of construction, ability to manage, and the enjoyment and friendship he shares with his clients.  

A graduate of Central Michigan University, Jeff began his Design/Build business in 1978.  Within a few years he  obtained his Wisconsin's broker's license to facilitate the sales of properties he had developed.  As the son of a Realtor®, Jeff had been exposed to the virtues of selling real estate early on and held a real estate salesperson's license at the age of 18 in the state of Michigan. Design/Build by Visner was established in the Geneva Lake  area and his company has enjoyed much success from 1980 thru 1997 after  which time Jeff moved the business and his family to Eagle River, Wisconsin. The appreciation of the northwoods and the distinct seasons experienced in Eagle River was the draw for Jeff and his family. Design/Build by Visner has continued to thrive here in the northwoods designing and building some of the finest homes in the midwest.  

Jeff and his complement of professionals are actively promoting  their Real Estate services.   As a Realtor® and local member of the Wisconsin Realtors Association (www.wra.org),  Visner Realty Inc. is providing the services and products you have come to expect.  Noting Jeff's expertise in land, buildings and business, the company's focus is on discriminating properties, development opportunities and commercial real estate.  Whether selling or buying, Visner Realty Inc. is ready to assist you.  

Ph. (715) 479-2449